110 Rebuild

The International 110 one-design sloop is an early 24-foot long by 4-foot wide design for plywood construction which gained popularity in the mid-1940’s for its great sailing qualities, speed, affordability and ease of construction.  During postwar years, boatyards working to restart the yachting industry made production runs of these inexpensive fixed-keel sloops, homebuilders added many more, and the class spread from the US east coast to other regions.   Many hundreds were built and raced over the next five decades, including more than one fiberglass-hulled production series which race along with the woodies.  As true planing-hulled designs redefined speed for a new generation of racers, the ‘110’ lost favor, but a renewed interest at the Inverness Yacht Club on Tomales Bay, California is growing–so much so that Fleet 56 now numbers fifteen boats, making it a ‘110’ “hot-spot” nationally.

One of our customers desired to race a ‘110’, and was fortunate to find the tired hull of a storied champion, #331 built in Massacheusetts in 1946, which had been driven east by its owners Gordon and Jocelyn Nash in 1964 to Annapolis for that year’s Nationals regatta and came away the national champ.  The boat had languished in a backyard in nearby Sacramento, CA for nearly 40 years, and underwent a complete restoration here.  Rigging was very nicely done by EASOM RIGGING of Richmond, CA.

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