Old Town ‘OTCA 17’ Canoes

Over the last 30 years several OLD TOWN cedar/canvas canoes have come for restoration, each one in its own state of wear, decay or dilapidation.  The construction of these capable boats is impressive for its durability, strength and repairability, considering the delicacy of the materials needed to make them lightweight.

Our most recent restoration was produced by OLD TOWN in 1946 for a customer on the east coast, but damaged in shipment and sent back to the factory for replacement.  Coincidentally, a potential west coast customer had lodged a standing request for just such a damaged boat–and its discounted purchase price–for summer use by his family on a high altitude lake in the  Sierra Nevada mountains of California.  The boat was put on a westbound train, patched with a thin metal plate over the hole when it arrived and did excellent duty for the next  60-odd years.  The same family, now training their fifth generation of canoe-paddlers, decided the time had come to reconstitute it for the benefit of young ones now developing an active interest in boats and the water.  We stripped the old canvas and varnish, replaced and repaired all damaged woodwork, re-canvassed the hull, installed new rails, restored original seats and refinished the boat inside and out.  This canoe is now engaged her next 60 years of service on the same High Sierra lake.

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