(Length: 18′; Beam 36″; ‘Single-Scull’)

A smaller, FISHER-SMITH-designed single-seat adaptation of the VIKING Gig, inspired by one Bill “The Animal” Paine, a colorful rower at the South End Rowing Club (SERC), rival to the neighboring Dolphin Club which owns VIKING.  Named THOR by The Animal in continuance of the Norse theme, the first of these new FISHER-SMITH ‘singles’ was christened in 1983 and has become a favored boat at the SERC.  Paine’s vision was to develop a small fleet of the Norse-named one-design boats for competition; with bay rowing was evolving rapidly though, enthusiasm for his idea waned as competitive rowers took to new and efficient fiberglass “open-water shells”.  But not all enthusiasm.

Sometime after the turn of the millenium, a Dolphin Club rower, Todd Oppenheimer, became enamored with the design and embarked on a gradual and patient effort to convince his Club to order their own VIKING’S DAUGHTER.  Finally, with support from the family of a well-loved, recently-deceased rower, the boat was commissioned. Launched in 2010 and christened KOHLENBERG in his honor she is the second to be built to this design (see WoodenBoat Magazine article, May/june 2011, no. 220).  Finally, after 23 years, the two clubs’ crack-rowers can now line up for match-races, one-on-one:  may the best rower win!

One Response to “‘VIKING’S DAUGHTER’”
  1. Tim Hodsdon says:

    Just a beautiful boat! This class would be ideal for our high-altitude boat club (in the works) here in Grand Lake. Colorado…look forward to reading the article in Wooden Boat magazine.