(Length: 22′;  Beam: 42″;  ‘Double-Scull’)

This FISHER-SMITH design for a fast and seaworthy open-water pulling-boat was commissioned to compete among the VIKING-class boats, but at a far more modest cost.  The form of its battened, glued-lap plywood hull is developed with only four strakes (planks) to reduce build time while still giving the impression of a round-bottomed boat.  With this type of construction, frame parts are sawn and assembled, then mounted upside-down on a building jig and notched to receive the keel-strip and stringers that define plank-lines.  When stems, frames and stringers are complete, the assembly is faired and planked from keel-to-sheer with plywood and flipped over onto ‘V’-shaped saw-horses for finishing.  These hulls are ‘monocoque’ structures–totally watertight and lasting for decades with only minimal upkeep.

The design utilizes easily-built aluminum bent-plate ‘outriggers’ to spread the oarlock spacing for standard scull-oars, with sliding-seats and foot-stretchers on light wooden assemblies.

One Response to “‘FAST FELUCCA’”
  1. Mark says:

    Lovely design. Strong, traditional and light. I want one.