Length:  19′;          Beam:  5′;          One-Cyl. Gas/Diesel Inboard

This FISHER-SMITH design is a modern, hard-chine plywood interpretation of classic fantailed launches of the late 19th/early 20th centuries.  Drawing upon a traditional hull-form known as a “low-chine” deadrise-boat, the ‘entry’ (forward underbody) of this hull is made from a carved block of sugar pine or other even-grained wood, as far too much twist occurs in a short distance to develop the shape by planking.  This makes it fun to build.  Beyond that, the boat is constructed upside-down, frame-and-stringer style, then planked with 3/8″ marine plywood.  Decks are lightly planked–1/4″ ply, and coaming is the same.

These boats are well-suited to very low power, since no amount of raw energy will get them up out of the water on a plane; they are true ‘displacement’ types, moving through the water at a calm, peaceful and reflective pace.  (Photo: N. of Vancouver, BC, Canada)

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