About the Builder

Proprietor Jeremy Fisher-Smith gravitated to woodworking around age 12 and apprenticed to boatwright Bill Grunwald of AEOLUS BOATWORKS in 1976 at age 19.  Fisher-Smith found life in this rustic 19-century-style boat shop on California’s central coast so inspiring that he stayed twelve years, building some 35 boats of varied size and type.  During an initial four or five years he built numbers of stock and custom boats under the guidance of Grunwald, thereafter enjoying the freedom to explore his own interests in the selection of projects–each man taking on what he enjoyed best.  A third builder–Brent Smith, whose hands shaped the Albert Strange canoe-yawl, ‘SALLY‘–joined in around 1978.

In 1988 he returned to his native West Marin to build, repair and restore boats along San Francisco, Tomales and Bodega Bay shores for another twelve years.  In July 2000, Fisher-Smith stepped in to revitalize West Marin’s only working boatyard, and FISHER-SMITH BOATWORKS (FSBW) opened its doors to customers in Marshall, on Tomales Bay’s east shore.  The FSBW facility is now in its eleventh year of operation.