In this portfolio you will find a growing collection of boats, many of which are FISHER-SMITH-built, in-house designs for which ‘lines’ and construction plans will become available as they are made ready for publication. To find out more about a particular boat or its design, go to the Contact page.


Length:  19′;          Beam:  5′;          One-Cyl. Gas/Diesel Inboard This FISHER-SMITH design is a modern, hard-chine plywood interpretation of classic fantailed launches of the late 19th/early 20th centuries.  Drawing upon a traditional hull-form known as a “low-chine” deadrise-boat, the ‘entry’ (forward underbody) of this hull is made from a […]


(Length: 22′;  Beam: 42″;  ‘Double-Scull’) This FISHER-SMITH design for a fast and seaworthy open-water pulling-boat was commissioned to compete among the VIKING-class boats, but at a far more modest cost.  The form of its battened, glued-lap plywood hull is developed with only four strakes (planks) to reduce build time while still giving the impression of […]


(Length: 22′;  Beam: 42″;  ‘Double-Scull’) Also known as the “Cable Car Gig”, this classic boat was said to have been built by two workers in San Francisco’s cable car barn in the last years of the 19th century.  The boat was used for recreation on the Russian River in Northern California until one of the […]


(Length: 18′; Beam 36″; ‘Single-Scull’) A smaller, FISHER-SMITH-designed single-seat adaptation of the VIKING Gig, inspired by one Bill “The Animal” Paine, a colorful rower at the South End Rowing Club (SERC), rival to the neighboring Dolphin Club which owns VIKING.  Named THOR by The Animal in continuance of the Norse theme, the first of these […]

Old Town ‘OTCA 17’ Canoes

Over the last 30 years several OLD TOWN cedar/canvas canoes have come for restoration, each one in its own state of wear, decay or dilapidation.  The construction of these capable boats is impressive for its durability, strength and repairability, considering the delicacy of the materials needed to make them lightweight. Our most recent restoration was […]

110 Rebuild

The International 110 one-design sloop is an early 24-foot long by 4-foot wide design for plywood construction which gained popularity in the mid-1940’s for its great sailing qualities, speed, affordability and ease of construction.  During postwar years, boatyards working to restart the yachting industry made production runs of these inexpensive fixed-keel sloops, homebuilders added many […]