Most fittings and hardware on FISHER-SMITH WOODEN BOATS are custom designed and built, and can be obtained here for purposes of original replacement or to fit your own boat on a custom basis.


FISHER-SMITH custom Stainless Steel Outriggers are produced from light gauge tubing in a trademark “torque-tube” design.  Our outriggers feature cold-forged brace-tube rail-end attachments for secure and graceful fits, and 10-gauge plate attachment at torque-tube inboard end for effective load transference.  Welding is of the finest quality and all surfaces are polished.  For a quote on outriggers to fit your boat, go to Contact page.



Foot Stretchers

FISHER-SMITH custom Foot-Stretcher Assemblies feature hand-built stainless steel threaded tracks and thumbscrews.  All machining and welding is of the finest quality and all surfaces are polished.

FISHER-SMITH custom Foot Straps are handmade from custom-color polyester webbing and full-width hook/loop material with durable black plastic fittings where applicable.  Can be supplied with heel stirrups or without.

For a quote on foot-stretcher hardware and/or foot straps to fit your boat, go to Contact page.