Several guiding principles come to the foreground when considering what has shaped and directed the work we do. They are as follows:

“First Learn to do it well, then fast”
Our guide in striving to a standard of excellence that craftsmen used to bring to manual trades. Such men were the peak of an experiential wave spanning generations, and upholding that line—sustaining their values—is key to what we do.

“First, do no harm”
The Hippocratic oath, guiding principle of the medical profession, is our guide too. Will each thing done yield a benefit? If not, then reconsider the approach. Once embraced, this universal rule spreads into all aspects of business and human relations.

“Where art meets engineering”
Art and engineering meet in boats. Human-powered vessels, like their wheeled and winged kin, carry few extra parts. As the essential parts evolve over time, there is much room found for grace in the expression of their shapes.